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golden retriever painting acrylic texture canvas
reference golden retriever picture photo swimming

"They compete and they fight. And humans are intimately involved in this struggle. It is humankind’s purpose to hold chaos and destruction at bay through active goodness. " 

About GoldsWoof

Currently GoldsWoof has paintings situated in Switzerland, Canada, U.S.A. and the U.K.

Sydney is an avid adorer of animals. She is an acrylic artist and graphic designer creating commissioned animal portraits, logos, and even word art for her clients. She loves creating a colourful and abstract variety of portraits of a myriad of species, ranging so widely it includes feathered dinosaurs. She also enjoys realistic renditions of the mythological and combines animals we know to create the fantastical. 

A story-teller at heart, Sydney has always valued each medium for its capacity to evoke emotions. Raised vegetarian and surrounded by animals, she has always had a sensitive heart, caring deeply for the living creatures which surround us, but for a long time she was unsure of how best to help them. Using her art, she hopes to raise awareness for endangered species while garnering a varied and very specified knowledge of the incredible capabilities of so many of her subjects. 

A firm believer that actions speak louder than words, she is exhilarated to work as the lead artist, and media manager on Once We Knew. Sydney is an idealist cynic, she believes this combination is integral to remaining grounded, whilst also looking to a future that is realistically attained. 

Sydney had the honour of giving a TEDx Talk about the (very human) Quest of Happiness. Examining her own happiness, she concluded it was a force, fundamentally integral to our existence, in fact most stories in their heart are about the two wolves fighting within us for the sake of "goodness". 

Influenced by cosmology, mythology, fantasy, science and philosophy, her belief is that we are here to be compassionate, here to help one another, and here to grow. Making mistakes is integral to that growth, none of us are perfect, and there is nothing wrong with that. Sydney endeavours to use creaction to spread ideas, and assure those who need it that with resolve and persistence, anything is possible. Fear of mistakes mustn't prevent us from trying to create a better world. With open hearts, ears and minds we can achieve harmony, and balance. Let's steer our world towards a brighter, more sustainable future.


You can contact Sydney Here

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